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What.. why.. why am I still listening to this... thirty loops after?

Great work! This is the sort of quality everyone should aim for. Of course, not everyone has the talent, but you certainly do. Good job! And even if you don't finish the series, I'd like to see more of your work.

All my 5's r belong to you.

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This game should have an epilepsy warning. lol

As for the game itself, it's sort of learn as you go. There isn't a whole lot to understand though. Avoid enemies, collect upgrades(which are in the form of animals) as well as a suspicious flower that puts you into hyper drive. Game play wasn't completely innovative or amazing, but it is smooth and functional. There's no story but the game doesn't really require any.

The upgrades are solely ship upgrades that you must buy progressively which sort of made me sad because I saved up for the second to last before I bought anything and found out I couldn't skip ships.

It is slow at the beginning(collecting money) but you'll find that it gets easier with every ship as the magnet gets progressively stronger. However, if you can manage to get the "flowers"*cough*mushrooms*cough* it isn't too difficult.

3/5 for fluid gameplay.

The game is fun and silly and the concept(plus the medals, I'm a medal addict) made me stay, but there are a few things you might consider adding/correcting.

One useful function would be a target indicator. The girl more or less targets whatever you're facing, but there are times when she'll throw the shoe in a random direction as if she hadn't locked onto anything. If there was a target indicator, I'd be able to tell if I had someone locked on and I could avoid wasting a car part by missing horribly when I believed I wouldn't.

Something else you may consider adding is the option to switch between items or to decide not to use an item. You're forced to immediately use whatever you pick up when you can keep something(a rocket for example) to use it on a stronger car(like a police car).

There's also the issue with the jumping. Not being able to go backwards is sort of weird. as I instinctively find myself wanting to back out at times. Maybe if you could program that in somehow? I don't know.

Aside from that, the graphics are pretty fluid and the quality isn't TOO bad, but it's not top-notch stuff. Great game though. It's definitely fun. More medals would have been awesome too.

Great game overall. I was most impressed by the smooth animation and graphics and the story itself wasn't a total bummer but the gameplay could have used a little work. The clicking itself was fine(as in it being a point and click game) but the best aspect of this game is all of the different ways to die and kill because the game itself is terribly short. Now, it being short isn't entirely the issue. I enjoyed the briefness of the game, but I found it difficult to explore all of it because I could never go back after a kill.

For example, if I missed something and I noticed after I killed the opponent on that stage, the only thing I could do then was restart the ENTIRE game and go through everything once more to reach the position I was previously in. This wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have to witness the same animation over and over just to simply return to a single point in time. This becomes an arduous and lengthy process. This also applies to the many kills present within the game. There are several weapons, but only one chance to really use them on each enemy per play through and for people who want to get all the medals(or simply see all the epic death sequences), you must repeat everything to reach the particular enemy again.

A simple solution to this would be to simply allow a "restart area/scene" option which allows you to reset a particular area to the point which you arrived it in(like how the area resets after you've been killed) after you've killed an enemy. A "select scene" option isn't entirely viable simply because the game promotes choices that affect future scenarios differently.

The bg music got annoying after a while as well but the sfx sounds weren't too painful to hear.

I'm giving you a four because animation of this quality isn't a walk in the park. I hope you can improve where you were lacking in your next game!

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Had to come and listen again.

After I was done with the game I had to come back and listen to this. I love the flow of it.

Great song. =)

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It is rather awesome.

I'm not going to say it changed the way I view art, but I will definitely say you have a lot of talent that I hope you keep cultivating. +fav

Love, love it!

Just like all your other pieces.

Triangular breasts...?


I'm jealous of your drawing style. S:

DarkBlueFlannel responds:

Well, they are almost triangular. As they are, they're missing a couple of mandatory vertices. Geometry talk aside, I appreciate the compliment. Anyway, I can't say I own the style. If you'd like to give it a try, be my guest.

Hey there! I'm a writer at heart, and do graphic design on the side. If you're interested or need some help on about anything drop me a note, I'd love to help. Pandas rule.

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