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Hey there! I'm a writer at heart, and do graphic design on the side. If you're interested or need some help on about anything drop me a note, I'd love to help. Pandas rule.

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Posted by ClydeArk - February 21st, 2012

Well, I finally started working on it. I've only made a couple of images really, but I can at least say it's underway. I have no clue how to program, or whether it's going to work but I will see it through to the end, however long that takes. lol

Posted by ClydeArk - October 3rd, 2011

UPDATE: Added the combinations next to the spells in the index. Great contribution by FireZealot. Kudos to him/her!

For your leeching pleasure, I took my time to painstakingly create this list of combinations. This list is not the official complete list because I did not go through every possible combination/order, but I what I did do was go through every possible combination for every two elements. So what I pretty much did was put any two elements together in every combination possible and filtered out the positive results.

I not take credit for any part of the creation of the game, but I do take credit in idly wasting my time(which was done purposely >>) to create this list for myself and anyone else who's found themselves playing this game.
Using the list is simple. The name of the spell is followed by the combination(s) in parentheses. N stands for nature, F for flame, S for shard and so on. The combinations are then followed by their description. I have not tested the effectiveness of each spell, and don't really plan to so don't expect that. The descriptions are usually pretty accurate anyway(regarding what the spell does, not the percentage of effectiveness). So if your mission requires lightning, search for the lightning spell and make sure you make the combination before sending your army off to do a quest.

Here's a little categorization I used to try and make it more usable(use ctrl+f to find the one you want).

Healing Spells
-Lesser Mass Healing (NNNN)
-Quick Heal (NNTT)
-Mega Heal (VVNN)

Melee Spells(only affect melee users)
-Raw Mana
-Flaming Weapons (FFFF)
-Bloodletting (LLLL)
-Poisoned Weapons (LNNN)

Arrow Spells(only affect projectiles so that means casters are excluded)
-Heavy Bolts (NNSS)
-Chaos Bolt (NFSC)
-Split Shafts (NNNS)

Caster Spells(only affects magic types)
-Rain of Bones (NNBB)
-Fireshock (FFSS)
-Frost Shard (SSSS)
-Freezing Strike (SSLL)
-Bone Shard (BBSS)
-Magic Bolt (CCCC)
-Death Missile (VBVB/VBBV)
-Lightning Bolt (VCVC)
-Heat Vision (VFFF)
-Fire Breath (LFFF)
-Aura Bolt (CLLL)
-Shadow Beam (BLLL)
-Ice Bomb (SSST)
-Glacial Bomb (NSTC)
-Acid Bolt (NFSL)
-Decay (VLTC)
-Magical Bomb (FSBC)

Undead Summoning Spells(requires one caster)
-Raise the Dead (BBBB)
-The Burning Dead (FFBB)
-The Freezing Dead (SSBB)

Miscellaneous Quest Spells(only work during quests)
-Haste (TTTT)
-Nightvision (VVVV)
-Create Light (NFNF)
-Raccoon Companions (LNLN/LNNL)
-Teleporting (TTTV)
-Enhanced Strength (NSBT)
-Soil Elemental (NFSB)

Miscellaneous Keep Spells(only affects the production at the Keep)
-Enhanced Soil (NTNT)
-Enhanced Husbandry (TNTN)

Raw Mana - Generally considered a defunct spell this enchantment does slightly increase the damage of your melee soldiers.

Lesser Mass Healing(NNNN) - This sppell applies a slight boost to healing to your entire adventuring party, your hero captain included.

Acid Arrow(NNFF/NNCC/NNLL/NNVV) - This spell makes all of your archers shoot arrows that burst on impact releasing an aid cloud in the area.

Heavy Bolts(NNSS) - All of your archer's arrows and bolt will strike with twice the strength as normal.

Rain of Bones(NNBB) - All of your casters can now cast a rain of sharpened bones. This hits multiple enemies but is best used outdoors.

Quick Heal(NNTT) - This spell makes all of your adventurers heal at a faster rate, which will save many of them from death.

Flaming Weapons(FFFF) - This spell enchants your adventurer's melee weapons with flames causing them to burn anyone they attack. They do not emit light however.

Bursting Arrow(FFNN/FFCC/FFTT/FFLL/FFVV) - This spell makes all of your archers shoot arrows that burst on impact, releasing a small explosion of flame.

Fireshock(FFSS) - This allows all of your casters to throw bolts of flaming fire at their foes.

The Burning Dead(FFBB) - A caster in your group will summon burning undead to fight for them.

Frost Shard(SSSS) - Your casters shoot a razor sharp blade of ice as a projectile.

Freezing Arrow(SSLL/SSFF/SSCC/SSTT/SSVV) - This enchantment makes all of your archers shoot arrows that burst on impact, releasing shards of razor sharp ice.

The Freezing Dead(SSBB) - A caster in your group will summon ice-covered undead to fight for them.

Freezing Strike(SSLL) - Your casters shoot a bolt of freezing water. It stuns and foes and freezes some solid.

Raise the Dead(BBBB) - A caster in your group will summon undead to fight for them.

100 Bone Swords(BBLL/BBFF/BBCC/BBTT/BBLL/BBVV) - This dark blessing imbues all of your melee troops with bone shattering strength in melee combat.

Bone Shard(BBSS) - Your casters shoot a long, piercing bone spear from their fingers.((Ouch?!))

Magic Bolt(CCCC) - All of your casters, priests and clerics included, will be able to fire bolts of magical energy at foes.

Destiny Field(CCNN/CCFF/CCSS/CCBB/CCTT/CCLL/CC VV) - This spell creates a dome of increased chance around your troops. As they adventure events will be more extreme for them, both good and bad.

Haste(TTTT) - Reduce the time that it takes for your people to complete quests!

Haste Arrows(TTNN/TTFF/TTSS/TTBB/TTCC/TTLL/T TVV) - This spell enchants all of your archers so that their arrows fly more true, hitting their marks more often.

Bloodletting(LLLL) - This spell enchants all of your soldier's melee weapons to cause bleeding wounds. Enemies, if able to bleed, will bleedout taking additional damage.

Nightvision(VVVV) - All of your troops, heroes included, can now see in total darkness.

Create Light(NFNF) - Your troops will be able to see no matter how dark it gets. Awesome!

Enhanced Soil(NTNT) - With this enchantment all of your fruit trees will frequently produce additional fruit!

Madness(CVCV) - This spell causes enemies of your adventuring party to become insane, attacking each other and not holding their formations.

Enhanced Husbandry(TNTN) - All of your pig and goat farms will produce additional resources!

Racoon Companions(LNLN/LNNL) - This spell conjures a bunch of magical racoons to acompany your troops. They can unlock doors, sneak through windows, and sometimes even disam traps.

Death Missile(VBVB/VBBV) - This shadow spell allows all casters to fire charged bolts of dark energy.

Lightning Bolt(VCVC) - This spell hits multiple targets with electical damage. You must use casters for it to work.

Lesser Healing(FNNF/SNNS/BNNB/CNNC/TNNT/VNNV) - This spell blesses your adventurers making them more likely to recover from small wounds they may suffer in the field.

Mega Heal(VNNN) - This powerful spell protects as many of your troops as possible.

Chaos Bolt(NFSC) - This unpredictable spell enchants your party with a random element. Which one you may never know... until they like, use their weapons. (Note: In victory sheet, shows up as ranged magic)

Split Shafts(NNNS)- This enchantment causes all of your archer's arrows to split into multiple smaller bolts when fired, thus tripling their power.

Poisoned Weapons(LNNN) - This coats all of your soldier's weapons in an enchanted poison, causing enemies to be weakened with every hit.

Heat Vision(VFFF) - This spell allows casters to shoot fire out of their eyes! What?! So badass.

Fire Breath(LFFF) - This spell allows casters to breathe a cone of fire. This does area fire damage.

Aura Bolt(CLLL) - Your priests and clerics can now release a blast of holy energy.

Shadow Beam(BLLL) - Your casters shoot beams of darkness from their fingertips.

Ice Bomb(SSST) - This allows your casters to use magical ice bombs. These things do a ton of area frost damage.

Glacial Bomb(NSTC) - This allows your casters to deal out massive frost damage in large areas

Acid Bolt(NFSL) - Your casters shoot a bolt of burning acid from their fingertips.

Decay(VLTC) - This spell does a massive amount of area damage, but can also destroy some forms of loot. You must send casters.

Magical Bomb(FSBC) - This allows your casters to use magical bombs. These things do a ton of area lightning damage.

Teleporting(TTTV) - Teleporting your troops to the location of your quest will reduce the total quest time. They still have to walk back though.

Enhanced Strength(NSBT) - This spell will allow each of your troops to carry back more loot.

Soil Elemental(NFSB) - This conjures a soil elemental to help your party carry back their fantastic loot!

Posted by ClydeArk - December 21st, 2010

The Snow Runs Red is a multidirectional shooter by Mockery, JackSmack and poxpower.

This is my second guide, so again, please bare with me if the formatting is strange.


-I've found 8 medals, so this guide will cover those 8 medals. The total points combine equals 400.
-This game gets repetitive, fast. The map is always the same, and the only visible change with upgrades happens to the Christmas tree at the center.
-You can only shoot in eight directions meaning it's not a point and click so you can't hide out and shoot from a corner.
-Guns are shot out from the Christmas tree in the form of presents, each have limited ammo. When you pick up a new present, your current weapon is replaced.


[*]No present - Gun
Max ammo: Unlimited
Strength: Low
Range: Unlimited
Description: Single shot, fired slowly.

[*]Green box Purple ribbon - Machine Gun
Max ammo: 240
Strength: Mid
Range: Unlimited
Description: Rapid fire Gun

[*]Red box Yellow ribbon - Double Gun bullet gun
Max ammo: 160
Strength: Low
Range: Unlimited
Description: Two shots are fired straight forward at a constant speed and distance.

[*]White box Black ribbon - Mines
Max Ammo: 24
Strength: Max
Range: Limited
Description: Small round mine is launched. If it makes contact it explodes, if it doesn't it'll remain on the ground for a while and detonate when an enemy makes contact. Mrs. Claus will not activate it by passing over it.

[*]Sky Blue box Yellow ribbon - Shotgun
Max Ammo: 16
Strength: Mid
Range: Unlimited
Description: 5 bullet burst.

[*]Purple box Orange ribbon - Disks
Max Ammo: 24
Strength: High
Range: Unlimited
Description: A metal disk is launched and attacks everything in it's trajectory.

[*]Orange box Yellow ribbon - Grenade Launcher
Max Ammo: 40
Strength: Mid
Range: Limited
Description: Grenade is "lobbed" at the enemy. The grenade will hit your target, regardless of when it passes over it.

[*]Black box Yellow ribbon - Rocket Launcher
Max Ammo: 24
Strength: Max
Range: Unlimited
Description: Rocket is shot in a straight trajectory until it reaches a target.


Your strategy will depend on vary from weapon to weapon, and your own playing style, but here are some useful tips.

-The best weapon, hands down, is the machine gun. You might think the rocket launcher with it's one hit kill is better, but trust me it's not. If you get your hands on this weapon, stand directly in the middle(in front of the tree and hold the firing butting while spinning Mr.s Claus around. Her aiming is limited, but if you do this, your tree will be safe and you'll pretty much kill any spawning enemy for a good 30-40 seconds I think.

-The second most useful weapon for me was the shotgun. Now generally you can't shoot from a corner because you're limited, but since the shotgun spreads out, you'll have a good angle from a corner.

-Third best weapon is the disk launcher. It's a multikill weapon. Its only downside is the small amount of ammo.

-Fourth best would be a tie between the mines and the rocket launcher, and from then on it's your own personal choice.

In the beginning, upgrading will be annoying since you'll have very little income, but I suggest you upgrade your ammo and the gift drop rate and your ammo capacity. You might be tempted to upgrade the tree and Mrs. Claus, but don't unless you need to. You see, the thing is that the health drops are random. Most of the time the enemies will drop health items when you least need them, and that's annoying. If you find that your health is running low after the end of a round, upgrade your health and the next round you'll be up to full health. As you can see, there are only 6 health upgrades so this is the only number of times you'll have a guaranteed HP refill. You'll have to be even more careful with your trees Upgrades, seeing as there are no health drops for the tree.

There is no set way to deal with them, you'll just have to do your best to avoid and shoot if you don't have a gift weapon. I do, however, recommend killing the fat kids as soon as they appear. If you don't kill them first, they'll explode and there's a good chance you'll get hit by one of the flying projectiles.


Well, if you're even on this guide, this is probably the reason. lol

Worth: 25 Points
Description: Kill each type of kid at least 5 times
How to: Self explanatory. Just keep playing you'll get it eventually.

Worth: 25 Points
Description: Collect three extra lives during a single game
How to: The lives look like a Mrs. Claus head. This just has to happen through one sit through. Not necessarily a single level. Drops are random.

Worth: 50 Points
Description: Max out the gift drop rate of your tree
How to: Self explanatory.

Worth: 50 Points
Description: Max out Mrs. Claus' ammo capacity
How to: Self explanatory.

Worth: 50 Points
Description: Max out Mrs. Claus' hit point capacity
How to: Self explanatory.

Worth: 50 Points
Description: Max out your tree defenses
How to: Self explanatory.

Worth: 50 Points
Description: Survive to level 25
How to: Self explanatory.

Worth: 100 Points
Description: Max out all four upgrade categories
How to: Self explanatory.

If you found this guide useful, drop me a thanks. :] I mean, if you want to. lol

The Snow Runs Red Medal Guide/Faq

Posted by ClydeArk - September 30th, 2010

Heart of Ice is a Platformer by Paranoia. To get to the game click here.

This is my first time making a guide, so bear with me if it's not completely understandable. I haven't gotten all the medals yet, but I've got a pretty clear understanding of how to get all of them. I haven't seen any other guide because the game is pretty new itself so I'll make the first one. Anyway, here we go.

UPDATE: Added some info to Epic Tim.
UPDATE2: Added tip on how to avoid Force Orbs. Credit: EdyKel
UPDATE3: Added some info to Epic Vercingetorix. Credit: WonderTheHedgehog

-There are 17 medals/achievements in all.
-The names of the attacks are not official. I just invented them myself based off the attack itself.
-There are some spoilers.

Neophyte - 5 points

Simple. Just follow instructions.

Pest Control - 5 points

Pretty straightforward. Eliminate 16 ossicles(little hermit crab creatures). If you kill each one you encounter, you'll eventually get all 16 so don't worry about looking for them.

Yarrrr! - 5 points

Beat Tim the Pirate in both forms. This battle is pretty straightforward. You can also work on the "Tepid" achievement while you are here.

Attacks - On Foot

[*]En garde! He'll charge at you and swing his sword upwards.
To avoid: simply jump over him or run past him before he releases his attack. Take the chance to perform a full combo on him.

[*]Bomb Toss (Ground) He'll throw two bombs in an arc.
To avoid: after he launches the bombs run towards him or run away. You'll have the opportunity to hit him once, should you charge.

[*]Bomb Toss (Cliff Edge)Usually he'll toss 2-3 bombs from the cliff.
To avoid: The best tactic is to stay close to the edge he's launching the bombs from. He'll toss all of them far away from you. The last bomb is a bit more accurate, but you can avoid it easily by moving away.

[*]Spin Attack (Ground) After you've dealt a bit of damage, he'll begin charging you by spinning his sword around(like Link).
To avoid: Just run and jump over him. He will keep charging forward after you jump. There is no way to hit him while he is spinning.

[*]Spin Attack (Air) He'll move from cliff edge to cliff edge dropping bombs.
To avoid: All you have to worry about are the bombs. He drops them at intervals you can pick up on easily. Just step away from a bomb's path.

[*]Sky Drop Tim will drop down in a vertical line, and after he hits the ground a short small explosion will follow.
To avoid: Move out of his trajectory and don't get near him until the explosion has disappeared. Take this chance to land a full combo on him.

[*]Call of the ossicles Tim bangs the gong and two ossicles drop from the sky.
To avoid: Don't get to near and kill them. Two hits.

[*]Avast! Tim pulls out a bayonet from his... well let's just say he pulls out a bayonet... and shoots at you.
To avoid: Watch the timer and jump when the little tick is in the "jump area". If you jump before, you'll get shot.

Attacks - Crucified on Ship

-The oar is harmless. Only does damage during Tim's Revenge.

[*]Tim's Revenge Tim strikes downwards and sends a wave in both directions.
To avoid: Just jump immediately after, or when he hits the ground. Take the opportunity to land a full combo.
Note: Tim will do this attack once between all his other attacks. This will be the only time you'll be able to do damage.

[*]Tim's Harbor Bombs will drop from the sky.
To avoid: Just stay away from the center.

[*]Call of the lackeys Tim swings his giant oar around and his lackeys drop from the sky. There are three types of waves:
-Ossicle Wave - 2 enemies. To avoid: don't get too close and kill. 2 hits.
-Gyrid Wave - 2 enemies. To avoid: Wait for the Gyrids on the left side and kill them when they stop moving completely. 1 hit each.
-Spritz Wave - 1 enemy. To avoid: Don't even give it a chance to attack. 1 hit.
Note: Only one wave is summoned at a time.

[*]Ice Spikes Tim's ship lights up and then an ice sheet forms on the ground. A few moments later, ice juts out of the sheets. It disappears a moment later.
To avoid: This is his most tricky attack. Plan ahead of where you are going because jumping over the spikes once they are out is very difficult. The spikes will jut out in the order they appeared so use that knowledge to your advantage.

Ishmael and I - 5 points

Defeat Ishmael. There is only one form. You can also work on the "acid trip" achievement while you are here.


-The gun turret must be charged before you can use it.

-Ishmael stops attacking after the turret is charged.

[*]Electric Bolts Ishmael sends one or two electric balls in a straight line.
To avoid: Just jump over them, but I suggest charging the gun turret as soon as you can. To do that, step under the solar panels in a position where the solar panel will intercept the electric bolt.

[*]Rejection A blast comes from under the turret. This only happens when you're seated on the turret. If you're on it when it's charged you'll get a three count warning, if you sit on the turret before it's charged, the damage is immediate. A blast comes from under the turret.
To avoid: Get out before the count down is over, and never get on the turret before it's charged.

[*]Ghost balls Ishmael throws a wisplike object that follows you around.
To avoid: It's not usually launched directly at you, so you don't have to worry about that part. Just jump over it when it comes at you. Keep doing this until they disappear. I found it easier to dodge them on the hills/slopes.

[*]Frosty's Angry Ishmael drops a huge ball of ice on you.
To avoid: The ball moves in a straight trajectory so make sure you're not under it.

[*]Acid Trip Ishmael does some bogus genjutsu and the screen is reversed. The first few seconds may be confusing, but you can easily get used to the change.

The Deposed - 5 points

Defeat the watcher. Now, this battle might seem really difficult, but when you understand The Watcher's attacks you'll be able to defeat him. Now, in story mode he has more than one form, but I'm only outlining the attacks he makes when you fight him in the battle arena. You can also work on the "Icarus" achievement while you are here.


-The trick to this battle is not keeping an eye on The Watcher, but on yourself. The Watcher will never move position so you can keep the mouse steady for the most part. When you move, you may need to make a slight readjustment to keep hitting him.

-Almost all of his attacks will create a white light where the attack will appear. (Usually on you)

[*]Spark A bright spot appears and a moment later an explosion with a small radius follows.
To avoid: Wait for the bright spot, then move until you are just out of range. This is because there is always more than one spark and if you spread the sparks out too unevenly you might run into a spark you just avoided.

[*]Force Orbs A volley of giant purple balls are sent after you.
To avoid: This attack is a little bit tricky. It helps that he only performs a single attack at a time though. The way I avoid it is to wait for it at a bottom corner and then move around in full circles around the screen to avoid the ones that follow. That's it for the most part.

According to EdyKel, these can be avoided simply by staying at the corner of the screen and staying still.

[*]Armageddon This attack follows the spark pattern, except its range is a column.
To avoid: Wait for the first column at the edge and move just out of range for the other pillar. Keep doing this until the attack is over.

[*]Imma chargin' mah lazers The watcher sends out two orbs which will align themselves in a horizontal or vertical line and form a laser between them.
To avoid: The best strategy is to wait at the dead center because there is no pattern as to how the orbs will align. Once you have determined the orbs alignment, move accordingly.

[*]Aegis Guard Not really an attack. The watcher sets up an impenetrable shield. You can't do much except dodge his attacks meanwhile.

[*]Puzzle Guard Again, not an attack. This time, the shield will not wear off until you do something about it. Keep close watch on the debris which will light up in a specific order. Shoot the debris in that order and the shield will unlock.

Post Mortem Aggression - 25 points

Vercingetorix is the boss of the alternate ending. To get this medal you must beat him, to beat him you must find him, to find him you must complete the game with at least five of the six items. (Look in the Hoarder section).

Vercingetorix is divided into two heads, therefore two parts. The good thing about this is that both heads share the same life, so you technically don't have to kill him twice.

Attacks (Bottom Head)

[*]Tail Shock Vercingetorix lifts up his tails and they create a static current which then hits the ground and spreads in both directions. (Kind of like Tim's Revenge
To avoid: Jump over it.

[*]Missile Launch Two launchers in both top corners aim and fire missiles at you.
To avoid: For the most part, I waited in the center and moved in and out, jumping when needed. There's no specific strategy, you just have to get the hang of dodging. Remember though, the missiles hesitate before they fly at you which should help you when calculating where to move to next. Hit him when he lowers his head.

[*]Heart Beam The circular gem at Vercingetorix's core lights up and blasts out in a circular radius.
To avoid: Run to either left or right wall.

Attacks (Top Head)

[*]Heavenly Pillars Pillars of white light come from the sky.
To avoid: A similar strategy is used to avoid all three of these attacks, wait and move when you need to. After the pillar is indicated to strike, move out of the way to a clear spot.

[*]Evil Eyes Two contraptions scan the ground and then a fire erupts from beneath.
To avoid: Sit still. There are only two variations of this attack. Either you run towards the very middle, or off to an edge. Decide on what you need to do, and do it.

[*]Brain Rain Brains... rain? lol Brain like objects shoot from the sky.
To avoid: Again, sit still. After the brains start falling run. When those are avoided sit still again and wait for the next brain wave. After the waves are over, attack the remaining brain and it will rocket off into Vercingetorix's face(one of them anyway).

Completion - 10 points

Self explanatory.

Tepid - 10 points

This medal isn't too much of a challenge. The battle will just drag on longer and you have to mind how you attack him. I didn't do any combos at all during the battle so I wouldn't be able to verify if attacking anything else with a combo will ruin your chance to get the medal.

Acid Trip - 10 points

Well, this is pretty much self explanatory. Make sure your screen is inverted when you deliver the final shot to Ishmael. If you think that the screen might fix itself before you defeat Ishmael, attack him til he's on the verge of death and wait til the next time you get on the turret.

Icarus - 10 points

This isn't hard to get. It'll only make the battle a bit longer. Once you've dealt enough damage, The Watcher will extend a set of wings. Concentrate your fire on one of them and you'll eventually receive the medal.

Nonpareil - 10 points

The Colosseum is actually a map, not a bonus feature. It's the map where you find the huge statue with it's hand outstretch. If you study the background, you'll also notice that it resembles a colosseum. There are a total of 25 ninjas to kill.
Tip: Don't fight the ninjas on the ground, juggle them.

Atavist - 10 points

Just play through the whole story.

Hoarder - 25 points

PRE-NOTE: Before I decided to make this guide, I had already found a few items so I can only tell you the location. There's no way to tell what the name is if you didn't memorize it the first time you saw it, so apologies.

[*]1st Item
Cavernside crawler tunnel There's a point where you come across a bouncy plank and a spongy looking thing. Instead of jumping up, jump over the plank and you'll come into a "secret" cave where there's an ossicle. A box at the end is hiding the item.

[*]2nd Item: The Powerful Orb of Power
Broken Glacier It's a little similar to the first item. At the end of the path where you jump over the glaciers, instead of continuing through the bouncy plank, skip it and go through the secret cave.

[*]3rd Item
Flotsam and deleric This is the place right after you destroy your boat. Instead of going forward, head back and you'll find the third item!

[*]4th Item: The Picking Pick of Pickery
The disremembered passage Right after the scene where the elevator crashes down you have to jump. There you come across a rock you have to jump to keep going forward. Instead of jumping, break the rock and you shall find your prize.

[*]5th Item: Defensive Shield of Defense (or something like that)
Central Ventilation Shaft On your course to get through this area you'll eventually see it. You'll be able to get it after you activate a few more fans. Don't worry, it's easy to notice.

[*]6th Item: The Loyal Flag of Loyalty
Upper spires To get to this map you need to defeat Ishmael. After he's defeated move forward, get to the elevator and go up. Rather than going right, hit the switch again and you'll be taken further up. Keep going right and you'll eventually run into the flag.

Dancing Mad - N/A

[*]Epic Tim: Upper spires To unlock Epic Tim, follow the instructions on how to get the last item for the hoarder medal. If you continue forward from there, you'll eventually run into a figure you can speak to that unlocks Epic Tim.

Note: Tim has consumed crack for this battle. His attacks are more frequent and quicker so you'll have to be more alert. He also has a third stage.

Ice spikes occur from the beginning. More enemies are dropped.

All in all, a lot more challenge.


[*]Epic Ishmael: The Great Temple This is the map directly after you first see watcher(where all the asteroids are flying at you). Once you get to this map, walk all the way to the right until you find a spring. Get on it, but instead of going to the right, jump to the left. There is some sort of object behind the tubes at the uppermost part. Try and hit it. Keep jumping and attacking that until you get Epic Ishmael.

Note: There is little to describe what headaches this upgraded version will give you. No real tips... I wish you luck.


[*]Epic Watcher: Descent To get this, you must have collected at least 5 of the 6 items. After you've beaten the game you will be transported into an alternate world. Keep walking forward and you'll eventually reach a stone with a red gem. Examine it to get Epic Watcher.

Note: Attacks are quicker

The Extreme - N/A

Defeat the secret boss in Epic mode.

[*]Epic Vercingetorix: Defeat the three previous Epic Bosses.

Note: First part is really easy. First head only does missiles and one heart beam; in the transition between head 1 and 2 the floor between the left and middle and the middle and right are broken. This form's brain rain only drops one to attack in the middle. Third form afterward with its own life bar.

Invincible - N/A

Just follow my tips on avoiding their attacks and you should be fine. Currently I've only beaten The Watcher with no damage. One thing that's a pain in the ass is that there is no reset button, so if you get hit you'll have to wait til you're killed or you'll have to refresh your browser. I pmed Paranoia about this. No reply yet. We may or may not see a reset button in the future.

Note: This does not include Vercingetorix.

Unlimited - N/A

Find all the items and beat all of the bosses in Epic Mode. You'll get it, eventually.

Deity - N/A


---------------------- END

If anyone has any info on how to get any of the medals, please comment! I'll be happy to add it in.

Posted by ClydeArk - September 25th, 2010

Welllll, it asked me to make a new post so here it is.